Home Energy Grants

Home Energy Grants

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland are the government body championing renewable energy adoption in Ireland and developing incentives for Irish homeowners and businesses to upgrade their s solutions. As more and more pressure from European and international agencies call for Ireland to generate more energy from renewable sources, the list of grants and financial incentives for homeowners to avail of increase. The Irish Times has documented that almost 400,000 homes in Ireland have availed of home-energy grants from SEAI to date.

Top Tip: SEAI also have a “do more, receive more” incentive with their grant system, meaning that there are added incentives for carrying out multiple energy upgrades. Homeowners can receive €300 on top of their grant if they carry out three upgrades with an additional €100 for carrying out a fourth.

Insulation Grant

Poor insulation is one of the primary reasons for heat loss in a home which results in higher energy consumption and increasing energy bills. This is particularly a problem in older houses which were not built with the same high level of insulation that’s available today. There are a range of grants now available from the SEAI that will allow you to upgrade your home’s insulation, giving you greater comfort and saving you money in the long run. Below is the complete list and values of the grants available. These grants are primarily available for homes that were built pre 2006.

Energy Upgrade TypeValue
Attic Insulation€400
Cavity Wall Insulation€400

Internal Insulation (Dry Lining)
Apartments or mid -terrace houses€1,600
Semi-detached OR end of terrace€2,200
Detached house€2,400
External Wall Insulation (Wrap Insulation)
Apartments or mid-terrace houses€2,750
Semi-detached or end of terrace€4,500
Detached house€6,000

Heat Pump System Grant

Heat pumps are an increasingly attractive and efficient heating option for well insulated homes. There are several types of heat pumps which are essentially electric appliances that can look similar to air conditioning units but work in the opposite way, drawing heat from multiple sources including air, water and even the ground. This heat is then released throughout a home’s radiators, air units or underfloor heating. The SEAI have released energy grants to cover all major heat pump types for homeowners as well as offering a €200 grant towards assessing whether your home is suitable for a heat pump system. If your home is old and poorly insulated, chances are you will need to invest in better insulation before you qualify for a heat pump grant.

Energy Upgrade TypeValue
Air to Water€3,500
Ground Source to Water €3,500
Exhaust Air to Water €3,500
Water to Water€3,500
Air to Air €600

Heating Controls Grant

Ever think that you heating one room should not mean having to turn on the heating for multiple other rooms? Having the proper energy controls in place means it’s a lot more efficient to heat different zones of your home. SEAI have also highlighted that upgrading your energy controls can lead to energy savings of up to 20% as well as saving you money. So what type of energy controls are out there?

Thermostatic Radiator Valves respond to the heat in your room and help regulate the heat your radiators are producing. You set the temperature you want for your room and as it approaches or meets the target temperature, the TRV will kick in and slow down the heat output of your radiators.

Boiler Interlock links your boiler with your heating controls meaning you can manage your boiler easily to ensure efficiency.

7-Day Programmable Timer’s have come a long way since the days of the manual dial in the hotpress. There are now numerous excellent options for programmable timers that will allow you to adjust the heating to your living habits and patterns. These timers will allow you to set up zonal heating options and also generally give you more control over your hot water options.

Hot Water Heating Controls can be set up on an existing hot water cylinder and allow you to set the times you want your hot water along with the temperature you’d like it to be at.

Energy Upgrade TypeValue
Home Heating Controls Upgrade€700

Solar Water Heating Grant

A sizable portion of your energy bill can go towards heating water. Solar thermal is an excellent way of reducing your energy demands on this front. This type of solar panel is different from solar electric in that it leverages the sun to heat water in long tubes that make up the panels on a roof. SEAI have noted that these types of solar panels can reduce energy demands associated with heating water by approximately 40-50%.

Energy Upgrade TypeValue
Solar Water Heating Grant€1,200

Solar Electricity Grant

Although part of the same renewable energy family, solar photovoltaic, or PV as it’s commonly known as, differs from solar thermal in that it is creating electricity as opposed to heating water. Solar PV can reduce your energy bills as well as improving your BER rating which will increase the overall value of your home in the long run. The technology associated with solar PV has improved dramatically over the past few years and only as recently as 2018, SEAI announced a new grant for solar PV systems for Irish homes.

The grant on offer here will vary depending on the size of the panels you wish to install which will proportionate to the size  or energy consumption of the house they are fitted to. A solar PV system can be made up of multiple panels which can feed in to a battery storage system to hold the electricity in reserve until it’s needed to boil your kettle, power you TV or charge your phone.

Energy Upgrade TypeValue
Solar Photovoltaic Panels€700 per kWp(The average Irish home requires a 1.5 to 2 kW solar system)
Battery Storage System€1,000

Free upgrades for eligible homes

SEAI offers free energy upgrades for homes that receive specific welfare payments and where the house meets a certain eligibility. If your home was built prior to 2006 and you receive one of the follow welfare payments you may be eligible for a free upgrade from SEAI.

  • Fuel Allowance as part of the National Fuel Scheme. Check if you’re entitled to the fuel allowance.
  • Job Seekers Allowance for over six months and have a child under seven years of age
  • Working Family Payment
  • One-Parent Family Payment
  • Domiciliary Care Allowance
  • Carers Allowance and live with the person you are caring for (effective from 1st August 2018)

You can check out the types of free upgrades available from SEAI by visiting their website.

Deep retrofit grant

This grant is applicable for owners of older homes wishing to upgrade their Building Energy Rating to an A-rating. This type of grant is typically reserved for homeowners wishing to avail of multiple energy upgrades at one time, making it a bigger investment for the homeowner, usually costing somewhere in the region of the €30,000 mark.

Electric Vehicle Grant

Thinking about changing over to the green side when it comes to your car? SEAI offer up to €5,000 for certain eligible electric vehicles. With plenty of fully electric as well as hybrid vehicles meeting the eligibility list, combined with cheaper tax as well generous grants might make that new car smell that little bit sweeter. Full list of grant values below.

Electric Vehicle List PriceValue
€14,000 to €15,000€2,000
€15,000 to €16,000€2,500
€16,000 to €17,000€3,000
€17,000 to €18,000€3,500
€18,000 to €19,000€4,000
€19,000 to €20,000€4,500
Greater than €20,000€5,000

For more information on how you can avail of these grant, follow the instructions on the SEAI website.